The Musical Mamas Annual Compilation CD Project is 

independantly produced by the Musical Mamas Society
with 100 % off all proceeds fund this project that
supports our mission "To Encourage, Develop, and
Support Women in the Creation of Music"

Musical Mamas Volume 1

2. Alberta Made ~ Angie Klein

3. Change ~ Rhonda Hard Castle

4. I know Nothing ~ Shauna Specht

5. Come Over To Me ~ Shaunal Lynn Mc Millian

8. It's So Easy ~ Nicky Pearson

Musical Mamas Volume 2
Pre Order Launch Party March 2-4 Boot Scoot & Boogie
Participating Artists:

Sunny Moser
Nicky Pearson
Angie Klein
Shauna Specht
Aurora Lenihan
Shauna Lynn McMillian
Rhonda Hardcastle

Available in Edmonton:  Petals On The Trail  

Contact us directly or check out our meetings and events to purchase.

 $15.00 e-transfers accepted contact information below, pass word will be sent to you and delivery arranged.

(780) 807 5883